11-a-side Results

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All results must be text to the Fixtures secretary before 8pm on the day of the match thanks... Results will not be posted until all scores are in. Tables will be shown after 3 fixtures have been played.... Cheers and Good luck.

Wednesday 26th April Results          
 U13s  Pacific Div          
 Manor Wolves   6-1  Victoria Colts      



Sunday 23rd April Results          
 U13s Atlantic Div          
 Young Lions  3-4  Glenavon Hawks 12s      



 Wednesday 19th April    11v11 Results      
 U13s  Div          
 U13s Presidents Cup     Semi - Final Results      
  Peninsula Lions  5-0  NB Saints      
  Rakers  5-0  Glenavon Eagles


Wednesday 12th April          
 U13s Challenge Cup    Semi Final Results      
 Glenavon 13s  5-0  Liscard Panthers      
 Shaftesbury Youth  0-5  Glenavon Hawks 12s      


Sunday 9th April    11v11 Results      
 Glenavon Hawks 12s  1-6  Glenavon Hawks 13s      
 Young Lions  0-5  Hoylake Galaxy      
 Bhead Youth  OFF  Liscard Panthers      
 *Peninsula Ath  2-7  Victoria Colts      
 U13s Presidents Cup    1/4 Finals      
 Hoylake  4-6  Peninsula Lions      
 Peninsula Phoenix  2-5  NB Saints      
 Rakers  5-0  Hope Farm      
 Manor Wolves  3-4  Glenavon Eagles      



Tuesday 4th April    11v11 Results      
 Presidents Cup 1st Rd     Result      
 New Brighton Saints  5-0  Peninsula Ath  Tower Gd  6pm DAVE HANLON 
 Atlantic Div          
 Glenavon Hawks 13s  1-6  Bhead Youth  Glen 1  6pm  DEREK POWELL
 Rakers  3-4  Hoylake Galaxy
 2nd April 2017     11 v 11 Results      
 Atlantic Div          
 Glenavon Hawks 12s  1-6  Rakers      
 Glenavon Hawks 13s  2-0 *  Liscard Panthers      
 *committee award          
 Pacific Div          
 Manor Scorpions  5-0  Peninsula Athletico      
 Victoria Colts  2-6  Glenavon Eagles      



26th March 2017 11v11League and Cup Results

U13s Atlantic Div

Hoylake Galaxy   3-2   Glenavon Hawks 13s    

Bhead Youth       4-1   Glenavon Hawks 12s     


U13s Pacific Div

Manor Scorps     3-1   Glenavon Eagles  



Upton F                 v   Shafts Youth     GAME OFF

Liscard Panthers F  v   Hoylake Meteors F  GAME OFF

Manor Wolves F      v   Peninsula Phoenix F  GAME OFF


Hope Farm– NO GAME

*Full League rules still apply for friendlies. Please confirm with your opposition and referee in the usual way. I am trying to get the league decided so can start the Euro competitions thanks.  

Presidents Cup 1st Round Results

Victoria Colts   1-6   Peninsula Lions      

NB Saints        v   Peninsula Athletico  GAME OFF (comm approval)

Rakers            6-1   Young Lions          

5 Byes

Manor Wolves

Hope Farm

Glenavon Eagles

Hoylake Meteors

Peninsula Phoenix


11v11 Results        19th March 2017

Atlantic Div          
 Bhead Youth      2  0  Hoylake Galaxy      
 Upton                  5  1  NB Saints      
 Rakers F  v  Young Lions F      
 Pacific Div          
 Victoria Colts        1  6  Manor Scorps      
 Manor Wolves F      Hoylake Meteors F      
 Peninsula Phoenix    NO GAME





12th March 2017          
 U13s Atlantic Div - Results          
 NB Saints                 1-6   Glenavon Hawks 12s          
 Liscard Panthers    1-6   Rakers          
 Hoylake Galaxy      1-5   Bhead Youth          
 U13s Pacific Div          
 Victoria Colts           1-6   Hoylake Meteors          
 Peninsula Phoe       4-6   Shafts Youth          
 Manor Wolves F   v    Peninsula Lions F          
 Hope Farm F          v    Glenavon Eagles F          
 Peninsula Ath - NO GAME          
 KO Cup Semi Finals          
 Upton FC                 3-0   Manor Scorps          
 Glenavon Hawks 13s F   v   Young Lions F          



26th February 2017 11v11 Results 

U13s KO Cup Result

Hoylake Galaxy   v   Bhead Youth   Game Abandoned


19th February 2017    11v11 League Results      
 U13 Atlantic Div               
 Glenavon Hawks 12s   0-3  Bhead Youth      
 Hoylake                   5-0  Upton      
 NB Saints  4-2  Liscard Panthers      
 Rakers    NO GAME      
 Pen Lions    NO GAME      
 U13s Challenge Cup    1st Round Fixture      
 Young Lions  4-6  Glenavon Hawks 13s      
 U13 Pacific Div          
 Victoria Colts  0-2  Hoylake Meteors (committee decision)      
 Shaftesbury Youth  5-1  Peninsula Phoenix      
 Peninsula Athletico    Glenavon Eagles      
 Manor Wolves      NO GAME      
 Manor Scorps    NO GAME      
 Hope Farm    NO GAME



12th February 2017    11v11 League Results      
 U13 Atlantic Div          
 Young Lions                1  4  Bhead Youth      
 Upton                           1  6  Glen Hawks 13s      
 Pen Lions                    5  0  NB Saints      
 Rakers                          1  1  Glen Hawks 12s      
 Liscard Panthers        1  6  Hoylake Galaxy      
 U13 Pacific Div          
 Manor Scorpions  v  Glenavon Eagles  OFF    
 Pen Phoenix                2  3  Hope Farm      
 Victoria Colts              0  5  Manor Wolves      
 Hoylake Meteors        2  7  Shafts Youth      
 Pen Athletico    NO GAME




5th February 2017    11v11 League Results      
 U13 Atlantic Div          
 Hoylake Galaxy              3  0  Young Lions


29th January 2017 11v11 Results

Atlantic Div

Liscard Panthers   1-6   Bhead Youth

Upton                  0-5   Rakers

Glen Hawks 12s    2-1   Pen Lions 12s

NB Saints             0-5   Glen Hawks 13s

Pacific Div

Manor Wolves   1-3   Hope Farm

Manor Scorps    5-0   Victoria Colts

Pen Phoenix     OFF   Shafts Youth

Glen Eagles       6-1   Pen Athletic







22nd January 2017 11v11 Results

Atlantic Div

NB Saints             1-6   Bhead Youth

Glenavon Hawks   5-0   Hoylake Galaxy

Rakers                 4-0   Liscard Panthers

Peninsula Lions     2-4   Young Lions

Upton                  2-2   Glenavon Hawks U12s

Pacific Div

Glenavon Eagles   3-6   Shaftesbury Youth

Hope Farm          6 -1  Peninsula Athletic

Manor  Scorps      5-1   Hoylake Meteors

Victoria Colts        1-6   Peninsula Phoenix



15th January 2017 11v11 Results

New Brighton Saints   2-5   Peninsula Lions


8th January 2017   11 v 11 Results      
u13s Atlantic Division          
Hoylake Galaxy          4  0 Glenavon Hawks 12s      
Glenavon Hawks       7  2 Peninsula Lions      
Rakers                         2  1 Young Lions      
Liscard Panthers        4  3 Upton      
New Brighton Sts         Bhead Youth  To be Re-fixtured    
u13s Pacific Division          
Shafts Youth               5  3 Victoria Colts      
Manor Scorpions       5  0 Peninsula Phoenix      
Hope Farm                  4  3 Hoylake Meteors      
Glenavon Eagles        6  5 Manor Wolves      
Peninsula Athletico   No Game  






11th December 2016   11 v 11 Results        
u13s Atlantic Division            
Bhead Youth                          5  0 Young Lions        
Glenavon Hawks 12s            3  2 Upton        
Glenavon Hawks 13s            5  0 New Brighton Sts        
Hoylake Galaxy                      3  0 Rakers               
Peninsula Lions                      1  4 Liscard Panthers        
u13s Pacific Division            
Hoylake Meteors                   1  2 Glenavon Eagles        
Peninsula Athletic                 0  5 Manor Scorpions        
Shafts Youth                          3  2 Hope Farm        
Manor Wolves                      3  3 Peninsula Phoenix        
Victoria Colts   No Game




4th December 2016 11v11 Results


4th December 2016    11 v 11 Results        
  Knockout Cup 1/4      Finals - See  Cup pages.        
u13s Atlantic Div            
 Glenavon Hawks 13s           1  1  Rakers        
 Liscard Panthers                  4  6  Peninsula Lions        
 NB Saints    NO GAME        
 u13s Pacific Division            
 Manor Wolves                      0   5  Shaftesbury Youth        
 Hope Farm                            6  2  Victoria Colts        




27th November 2016 11v11 Results

U13s Atlantic Div
Peninsula Lions     4-4   Upton

Glen Hawks 12s    5-0    NB Saints

Liscard Panthers   1-3   Young Lions

U13s Pacific Div

Shafts Yth             4-1   Peninsula Ath

Glenavon Eagles 3-1    Victoria Colts

Hope Farm           2-7   Manor Scorpions

Peninsula Phoe   3-6   Hoylake Meteors

Manor Wolves - NO GAME

Knockout Cup 1st round Result

Hoylake Galaxy   3-2   Glenavon Hawks

Knockout Cup 2nd round Result
Rakers                   0-3   Bhead Yth

20th November 2016 11v11 Results

U13s Atlantic Div

Nb Saints 13         1-6  Hoylake Galaxy 13s      

Pen Lions 13s       0-2   Glenavon Hawks 13s CFA Decision applied 23/03/17

Bhead Yth 13s      2-2  Rakers                         

Young Lions          v Glenavon Hawks 12s   GAME OFF

Upton                    4-1  Liscard Panthers          

U13s Pacific Div

Manor Scorps 13s    v    Hoylake Meteors 13s  GAME OFF

Manor Wolves 13s  v Hope Farm 13s           GAME OFF    

Peninsula Ath 13s   L-L  Glenavon Eagles 13s  

Victoria Colts            0-5  Shafts Yth 13s               

Peninsula Phoenix – NO GAME



13/11/2016 11v11 Results




Rakers 13s            3-2   Peninsula Lions   


Liscard Panthers    9-4     Nb Saints 13     


Young Lions          1-1     Upton      




Hope Farm 13s              3-4    Glenavon Eagles 13s  


Peninsula Phoenix 13s    4-4    Victoria Colts                  


Peninsula Athletico 13s   3-8   Hoylake Meteors 13s    


Manor Wolves 13s          0-5    Manor Scorpions 13s  


Wirral District Cup Games


Bhead Yth 13s


Glen Hawks 12s


Glen Hawks 13s


Hoylake Galaxy 13s


Shafts Youth 13s




06/11/2016 11v11 Results


U13s Atlantic Div

Upton 13s                          4-1    Nb Saints 13             

Birkenhead Youth 13s         4-1    Peninsula Lions 13s  

Young Lions                       0-5     Glenavon Hawks 13s 

Rakers 13s    v     Glenavon Hawks 12s      GAME OFF CFA CUP

Hoylake Galaxy 13s - CFA CUP

Glenavon Hawks 12s - CFA CUP

Rakers 13s                 3-2    Liscard Panthers     

Div U13s Pacific Div 2016/17

Shafts                             2-2       Manor Scorpions 13s     

Glenavon Eagles 13s        3-5        Hoylake Meteors 13s    

Peninsula Athletico 13s     1-6        Manor Wolves 13s         

Victoria Colts      13s     0-5        Hope Farm 13s           

Peninsula Phoenix 13s - NO GAME


30/10/2016 11v11 Results


U13 Atlantic Div

Birkenhead Youth                5-0          Upton 13s             

Glenavon Hawks 13s           2-1          Glenavon Hawks 12s     

Peninsula Lions 13s             4-8          Hoy Galaxy 13s  

Rakers - NO GAME           


U13 Pacific Div

Victoria Colts 13s          5-1    Peninsula Ath 13s    

Hoylake Meteors 13s     2-0     Manor Wolves 13s        

Peninsula Phoenix 13s   2-5     Glenavon Eagles 13s   

Manor Scorpions 13s  -  closed fixture granted

Shafts Yth 13s  -  closed fixture granted

Hope Farm- NO GAME



16th October 2016 11v11 Results

WJFL Atlantic Div

Upton          1-1    Young Lions  

NB Saints    1-8   Rakers            

WJFL Pacific Div

Hope Farm                   4-2   Manor Wolves           

Hoylake Meteors        1-6   Manor Scorpions       

Peninisula Athletico   1-6   Peninsula Phoenix      


9th October 2016 11v11 Results

U13s Atlantic Div

Nb Saints 13              1-4     Young Lions       

Peninsula Lions 13s     3-7     Birkenhead Youth 13s  

Rakers                       4-0     Upton 13s             

U13s Pacific Div          

Manor Scorpions 13s        3-1   Hope Farm 13s                    

Manor Wolves 13s           7-3   Glenavon Eagles 13s

Hoylake Meteors             6-4   Peninsula Phoenix          

*Peninsula Athletico          0-2    Shafts Yth 13s 

*Away win 


2nd October 2016 11v11 Results

U13s Atlantic Div


Upton 13s                       4-5    Peninsula Lions 13s   

Birkenhead Youth 13s      5-0    Nb Saints 13                

Glenavon Hawks 12s       2-6    Hoylake Galaxy 13s     

Young Lions 13               2-1    Rakers 13s             


U13s Pacific Div          


Shafts Yth 13s                 6-3   Manor Wolves 13s            

Glenavon Eagles 13s        0-2   Manor Scorpions 13s          

Hope Farm 13s                2-2   Hoylake Meteors 13s          

Peninsula Phoenix 13s      6-1   Peninsula Athletico 13s    


25th September 2016 11v11 Results


U13s Atlantic Division

Glenavon Hawks 13s       4-1      Young Lions 13s    

Hoylake Galaxy 13s         5-0      NB Saints  

Peninsula Lions 12s         3-9      Rakers 13s   


U13s Pacific Division

Hope Farm 13s                  6-2     Peninsula Phoenix 13s      

Manor Scorpions 13s          6-3     Shaftesbury Youth 13s     

Manor Wolves 13s              6-1     Peninsula Athletico 13s        



18th September 2016 11v11 Results

U13s Atlantic Division

Upton 13s                     1-6    Hoylake Galaxy 13s        

Birkenhead Youth 13s    2-2    Glenavon Hawks 13s       

Rakers 13s                    6-1    Nb Saints 13               

Young Lions 13              4-2    Peninsula Lions 13s       

U13s Pacific Division

Shaftesbury Youth            5-5       Hoylake Meteors 13s

Glenavon Eagles 13s         3-2       Hope Farm 13s           

*Peninsula Athletico 13s     A-A       Manor Scorpions 13s     

Peninsula Phoenix            1-6       Manor Wolves 13s  

* Match abandoned due to injury. Game to be re-fixtured


11th September 2016 11v11 Results


U13s Atlantic Division   


Rakers 13s                   0-4     Birkenhead Youth 13s 


Glenavon Hawks 13s     7-2    Upton 13s 




U13s Pacific Division 


Glenavon Eagles 13s    5-0   Peninsula Phoenix 13s    


Hoylake Meteors 13s    5-0    Peninsula Athletico 13s       


Manor Scorpions 13s    3-3    Manor Wolves 13s  


Hope Farm 13s            5-8    Shaftesbury Youth 13s 



4th September 2016 11v11 Results


Upton 13s                       0-5          Birkenhead Youth 13s   

Hoylake Galaxy 13s       3-3          Peninsula Lions 13         

Rakers 13s                      1-2          Glenavon Hawks 13s   

Young Lions 13s             6-1          Nb Saints 13        




Shaftesbury Youth 13       6-5           Glenavon Eagles 13s     

Manor Wolves 13s            8-4           Hoylake Meteors 13s  

Peninsula Athletico 13s    1-6           Hope Farm 13s                

Peninsula Phoenix 13s      0-5           Manor Scorpions 13s    

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