9 v 9 Results

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All results must be text to the Fixtures secretary before 8pm on the day of the match thanks... Results will not be posted until all scores are in. Tables will be shown after 3 fixtures have been played.... Cheers and Good luck.


 Reg Cards must be CHECKED prior to start of every game. .
The rule is NO CARD: NO PLAY and please enter on your match report
If your pitch is unavailable/unplayable switch to your opponents if available
IMPORTANT - When using the Solly Rec pitches PLEASE park in the main car park at The Glen and walk to pitches

The narrow roadway to The Solly Rec must NOT be used for parking. This allows access for any Emergency Vehicles. Thanks

Tuesday 16th May 2017 9v9 Result

Atlantic Div Spring League

Ashville Black   1-4   NF Rangers  

 Wednesday 17th May 2017 9v9 Result

Pacific Div Spring League

WK Panthers    1-1   Greenleas      


U12s Presidents Cup Semi Final Result

WK Panthers   0-5   WW Panthers

Tues 9th May 2017  Results

Pacific Div Spring League

Bhead Yth Blue   7-2   Upton

Ashville Red       1-6   Young Lions         


Presidents Cup Semi Final

Heswall FC        0-4   NF Rangers        


Sunday 7th May 2017

U12s Presidents Cup 1/4 Final Results


1. WK Panthers   2-1   Greenleas   

Pacific Div Spring League Fixture

Ashville Black      v    NF Rangers  NO GAME (Re-fixture date TBC)


Pacific Div Spring League Fixtures

 Hoylake           1-1   Heswall FC    

 WK Panthers      v   Greenleas      OFF DUE TO CUP GAME 

 Bhead Yth Blue   v   Upton           OFF DUE TO CUP GAME

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 Results


U12s Presidents Cup 1st Round Fixture                                

Young Lions   1-2   WK Panthers  


U12s Presidents Cup 1/4 Final Fixtures 

2. Upton            3-3   WW Panthers (3-6 in ET)

3 .Heswall FC   5-2   Ashville Red 


Tuesday 2nd May 2017 Results


U12s Atlantic Div Spring League Result 

Ashville Black       2-5   Heswall Jnrs  

U12s Presidents Cup 1/4 Final Result

4.NF Rangers      1-1aet   Greasby  (NF win 5-3 on Pens)    


Sunday 3oth April                                                                                         

U12s Atlantic Div Spring League Fixtures 

Glenavon       5-2   Bhead Black         


U12s Pacific Div Spring League Fixtures

Upton                  1-5   AC Hoylake     

WW Panthers     5-1   WK Panthers    

Ashville Red         v   Young Lions    GAME OFF (moved to 7/05)

Greasby               8-2   Greenleas        


Bhead Youth Blue - NO GAME

Heswall FC - NO GAME



Wednesday 26th April                                                         

U11s Red Group

NB Saints            v   New Athletico      

Wallasey Wndrs   v   North Wirral        


U12s Atlantic Div Spring League Fixtures 

 Manor Celtic        3-1    Glenavon      



U12s Pacific Div Spring League Fixtures

 Greenleas                1-3   Bhead  Blue  

 Wallasey Wands     3-2   AC Hoylake   

 Heswall FC              1-2   Upton            

 Greasby                    2-0   Young Lions  

WK Panthers - NO GAME 


Sunday 23rd April 2017 9v9 Results

U11s Presidents Trophy

Semi Finals

 Wirral Scorps       0-5   New Athletico  

 Ashville               L-L    North Wirral    


U11 Div Blue Group

Poulton Ath          4-4   Manor Storm         

Glen Hawks 10s   1-2   Upton                 

U12s Atlantic Div Spring League Results

Glenavon             5-2     NF Rangers       

Peninsula Stars  2-1   Bhead Blk          

Ashville Black  v   Heswall Juniors  GAME OFF  SCH TRIP (now weds 26th)


U12s Pacific Div Spring League Fixtures                       

 Heswall FC    1-4   Greasby              

 Upton            1-2  Wallasey Wands  

 Ashville Red  1-3   Greenleas          

 Young Lions   1-7   AC Hoylake        

 WK Panthers - NO GAME

 Bhead Blue   - NO GAME


Weds 19th April 2017 Results

U11s Presidents Trophy

1st Round

 1.Wallasey Wanderers   3-5   New Athletico  

 2.Glenavon Eagles         4-4   Ashville    (Ashville win 2-0 on penalties)

2 Byes

North Wirral

Wirral Scorps

U11s Challenge Trophy Event Semi Final Result                             

Manor Storm   3-2   Upton FC               


U12s Challenge Cup Semi Final

AC Hoylake     1-3 aet   Peninsula Stars  

U12s Atlantic Div Spring League Results

Manor Celtic      0-2    Bhead Blk         


Ashville Black - School trip

Glenavon - School trip

Rakers - All games played


 U12s Pacific Div Spring League Fixtures                              

 Upton                 2-3   Young Lions       

 Greasby              7-2   Ashville Red        

 WK Panthers        0-5   Bhead Yth Blue   

 Wallasey Wands   5-1   Greenleas          

 Heswall FC - NO GAME

 AC Hoylake - Cup game




 Monday 17th April 2017  Result

 U12s Challenge Cup Semi Final  
 Glenavon Eagles    3-4    Ashville Black  

 12th April 2017

 U11s Challenge Trophy Event Semi Finals Results

 Manor Storm  v  Upton FC  GAME OFF    
 NB Saints  4-6  Glenavon Hawks      



9th April 2017     9v9 Results      
 U11s Challenge Trophy    1/4 Finals      
 1.Wallasey Wanderers  3-7  Manor Storm      
 2. Wirral Scorpions  0-5  Upton FC      
 3. Ashville  1-6  NB Saints      

 4. Glenavon Hawks 11s


 Challenge Trophy Semi Finals          
 Manor Storm  v  Upton FC      
 NB Saints  v  Glenavon Hawks      
 U11 Non Competive    Fixtures      
 Red Group          
  New Athletico  6-1  North Wirral      
 9th April 2017          
 U12s Challenge Cup    1/4 Finals      
 1. AC Hoylake  1-0  Greasby      
 2. Pen Stars  5-0  Young Lions      
 3. Glenavon Eagles



 NF Rangers      
 4. Ashville Blk  4-0  WK Panthers      
 Challenge Cup Semi Finals          
 AC Hoylake   v   Pen Stars          
 Glen Eagles   v   Ashville Blk          
 U12 Atlantic Div Spring          
 Rakers  1-2  Manor Celtic      
 U12 Pacific Div Spring          
 Ashville Red  OFF  Bhead Blue      



Friday 7th April 17          
 9v9 Result          
 U12s Challenge Cup    Re-fixture      



 1-2 aet







Wednesday 5th April 17          
 9v9 Results    U11 Non Comp      
 U11s Blue Group          
 Upton  1-5  Poulton Ath      
 Glenavon Hawks 10s  2-0  Glen Hawks 11s      
 U11s Red Group          
 NB Saints  3-4  Wallasey Wanderers      
 Wirral Scorps  2-7  New Athletico      
 U12s Challenge Cup    Re-fixtures      
 Greenleas  1-4  Ashville      





 U12s 9v9 Fixtures          
 Atlantic Spring Div          
 Glenavon  0-1  Heswall Juniors      
 Bhead Black  3-2  Rakers      
 NF Rangers  1-4  Manor Celtic      
 Peninsula Stars  8-3  Ashville Black      
 Pacific Spring Div          
 Greasby  3-1  Upton      
 AC Hoylake  1-1  Bhead Youth Blue      
 Greenleas  1-2  Young Lions      
 Wallasey W Panthers  3-1

 Heswall FC

 WK Panthers  5-0  Ashville Red      


 U12s 9v9 Results    26th March 2017      
 Atlantic Spring Div          
 Glenavon Eagles  2-3  Rakers  Solly Rec  1pm  DEREK POWELL
 New ferry Rangers  2-1  Peninsula Stars  Mayfields   1pm  TIM BERKSON
 Bhead Blk  2-1   Ashville Blk  Cross Lane  1145am  KIERON WALSH
 Heswall Juniors  0-2  Manor Celtic  com award    
 *Requested due to trip          
 Pacific Spring Div          
 Greasby  2-4  Bhead Yth Blue  Arrowe Pk  1pm  LUIS SHIRLEY
 Greenleas  2-3  AC Hoylake  Irby CC  2.30pm  BEN POVALL
 Wallasey Wanderers P  5-0  Young Lions  Central Pk 5  2.30pm  ROB MCGLYNN
 WK Panthers  2-0

 Heswall FC

 Devonshire Rd  1pm  JACOB FINDLAY
 Ashville Red  1-7  Upton  Cross Lane  1pm  KYLE LINES


U12s 9v9 Results    19th March 17      
 Atlantic Spring Div          
 Glenavon Eagles  v  Bhead Blk  GAME OFF    
 New ferry Rangers            0-3  Heswall Jnrs      
 Peninsula Stars                 2-0  Rakers      
 Ashville Blk                        2-0  Manor Celtic      
 Pacific Spring Div          
 Upton  v  Bhead Yth Blue  GAME OFF    
 Greenleas  v  Greasby  GAME OFF    
 Wallasey Wanderers P  v  YOUNG LIONS  GAME OFF    
 WK Panthers                    0-3


 Ashville Red                     1-6  Heswall FC      



U12s 9v9 Results    12th March 17      
 Atlantic Spring Div          
 Glenavon                        v  Manor Celtic  NO GAME    
 Rakers                            0   4  Ashville Black      
 Heswall Juniors            3   6  Peninsula Stars      
 Bhead Black                  7   3  NF Rangers      
 Pacific Spring Div          
 Upton                              3  1  WK Panthers      
 Ashville Red                   0  5  Wallasey Wandrs      
 Heswall FC                     6  1  Greenleas      
 Young Lions                   2  7  Bhead Yth Blue      
 AC Hoylake                    3  2  Greasby


 19th Feb 2017 Results          

 U12s 9v9 Results

 Atlantic Spring Div          
 Glenavon  2-2  Ashville Black      
 Manor Celtic  1-3  Peninsula Stars      
 Rakers  3-2  N/Ferry Rangers      
 Heswall Juniors  3-0  Bhead Yth Black      
 Pacific Spring Div          
 Upton  3-1  Greenleas      
 WW Panthers  5-5  Bhead Yth Blue      
 WK Panthers  2-2  Greasby      
 Ashville Red  3-7  AC Hoylake      
 Heswall FC  2-0  Young Lions (committee decision)      



12th February 2017 Results          
 U11s                 *Non  Comp New ability based  groups  start - 19 Feb*  
 Poulton Athletic           5  0  New Athletico      
 Greenleas                      6  1  Glen Eagles      
 NB Saints                      0  5  Glen Hawks 10s      
 Wallasey Wandrs         2  5  Manor Storm      
 Wirral Scorps                2  6  Ashville      
 Upton                             4  4  Glen Hawks 11s      
North Wirral Wasps    NO GAME      
U12 League Fixture          
Atlantic Div  Winter  League        
 Greenleas  v  Manor Celtic  GAME OFF    
 Pacific Div   Winter   League        
 AC Hoylake                     1  1  Bhead Yth Black  Newton Pk    
 Atlantic Div Spring  League        
 Heswall Juniors              5  0  Rakers  Puddydale    
 Glenavon Eagles             1  3  Peninsula Stars  Solly Rec    
 Ashville Black  v  NF Rangers  GAME OFF    
  Pacific Div  Spring  League        
 Ashville Red  v  Upton  GAME OFF    
 WW Panthers                    4  5  Greasby  Central Pk 5    
 Young Lions                      3  4  WK Panthers  Oval    
 Heswall FC                        2  3  Bhead Yth Blue  Pensby High    



9v9 22nd January 2017 Results 

 u12s Atlantic Division    9 v 9 Fixtures      
  WK Panthers               0  5  Rakers      
 Greasby                        0  3  Ashville      
 Greenleas  v  Manor Celtic  GAME OFF    
 Glenavon Eagles  (F)  v  Peninsula Stars  (F)      
 u12s Pacific Division     9 v 9 Fixtures      
 head Youth Blk            6  1  Young Lions      
 WW Panthers              3  5  AC Hoylake      
 Upton                            0  5  Heswall Jnrs      
 NF Rangers    NO GAME      
 Heswall FC    NO GAME




9v9 8th January 2017 Results

U12 Div 9v9          
Atlantic Div          
 Greenleas                     1  3  Glen Eagles      
 Greasby (F)                   2  1  WK Panthers (F)      
 Rakers                           6  1  Ashville Blk      
 Manor Celtic                3  6  Peninsula Stars      
Pacific Div          
WW Panthers               2  7 Heswall Jnrs      
NF Rangers                    2  3 Bhead Yth Black      
AC Hoylake                    6  1 Upton      
Young Lions   Heswall FC (F)      



9v9 11th December 2016 Results


u12s Atlantic Division   9 v 9 Fixtures      
Peninsula Stars                              1  3 Rakers      
Ashville Blk                                     5  2 Greenleas      
WK Panthers                                  0  3 Glenavon Eagles      
Manor Celtic                                  3  2 Greasby      
 u12s Pacific Division    9 v 9 Fixtures      
 Heswall Juniors                            6  2   AC Hoylake      
 NF Rangers                                   5  0  Young Lions      
 Upton                                            3  8  Heswall FC  Friendly    
 Bhead Yth Blk    WW Panthers  GAME OFF  




9v9 4th December 2016 Results


u12s Atlantic Division   9 v 9 Results      
Peninsula Stars                             4  1 Ashville Black      
Rakers                                            2  0 West Kirby Panthers      
Manor Celtic                                 5  4 Glenavon Eagles      
Greenleas                                      2  3 Greasby      
u12s Pacific Division   9 v 9 Fixtures      
New Ferry Rangers                       0  1 AC Hoylake      
Young Lions                                    1  6 Heswall Juniors      
Heswall FC                                      1  6 WW Panthers (Friendly)      
Bhead Youth Black                        5  0 Upton      
Ashville Reds -    Break from League    




9v9 27th November 2016 Results

U12s 9v9 Atlantic League Results

Glen Eagles   2-2    Greasby

WK Panthers 0-5   Peninsula Stars

Greenleas      3-3   Heswall FC (F)

U12s 9v9 Pacific League Results

WW Panthers   5-0   Young Lions

Upton                 0-5   NF Rangers

Heswall Jnrs      5-0   Bhead Yth Blk

9v9 20th November 2016 Results

U11s Non competitive League  

U11s Trophy event rolls on to 27/11/16


20/11/2016 9v9 Results


U12s 9v9 Atlantic League Result


Greenleas        4-2   WK Panthers 


U12s 9v9 Pacific League Results

WW Panthers   v   Young Lions   Central Pk         GAME OFF

Upton              v   NF Rangers    Overchurch Sch GAME OFF


2oth November 2016 9v9 Cup Results

U12s Knockout Cup 1/4 Final Results

1.Greasby            1-6   Heswall Juniors     

2.Manor Celtic    v   Ashville Black         GAME OFF

3.AC Hoylake       v   Rakers   GAME OFF                 

4.Bhead Yth Blk   3-2   Glenavon Eagles  

Semi Final draw (Date TBC)

Winners of match:

1   v   2

3   v   4

13/11/16 9v9 Results

U12s 9v9 Atlantic League

Glenavon Eagles 12s   4-2     Ashville Black 12s          

Manor Celtic               6-1       Wk Panthers 12s        

Greasby 12s               0-5       Peninsula Stars 12s    

Greenleas 12s            0-5        Rakers 12s                   


U12s 9v9 Pacific League

N/Ferry Rangers 12s    6-2   Ww Panthers 12s              

Upton 12s                    v   Young Lions 12s      GAME OFF (PITCH)

Heswall                    1-0   Bhead Youth Blk      

*Referee availability

Ac Hoylake - NO GAME


06/11/16 9v9 Results

U12s Atlantic Div


Wk Panthers 12s        2-2    Greasby 12s                  

 Ashville Black 12s      1-1    Manor Celtic               

 Peninsula Stars 12s   5-0    Greenleas 12s              

 Rakers 12s                  2-2    Glenavon Eagles 12s   

 U12s Pacific Div

 Ac Hoylake 12s           0-5     Heswall Jnrs 12s     

 WW Panthers 12s      6-1     Upton 12s                 

 NF Rangers                  3-2     Bhead Yth Black      

 Young Lions 12s         v   Heswall FC     NO GAME

 Ashville Red – break from League

30th October 2016 9V9 RESULTS 


U12s Atlantic Div


Ashville Black 12s         5-0         Wk Panthers 12s       


 Glenavon Eagles 12s   3-1         Peninsula Stars 12s 


Manor Celtic                  7-2         Greenleas 12s       


 Greasby 12s                  1-6           Rakers 12s            


 U12s Pacific Div


 Ashville Red 12s          v           Ww Panthers 12s  - GAME OFF


 Heswall Jnrs 12s          5-0           Upton 12s        


N/Ferry Rangers 12s    v           Young Lions 12s   - GAME OFF   


 Bhead Yth Black           3-1       AC Hoylake?        


16th October 2016 9V9 RESULTS 

U12s Atlantic Div

Ashville Black        2-6   Peninsula Stars  

Glenavon Eagles    2-3   Greenleas         

Greasby                       Manor Celtic  - Committee decision


U12s Pacific Div

AC Hoylake         1-6   WW Panthers     

Ashville Red        1-6   Upton                

Heswall Jnrs        5-0   NF Rangers 

Young Lions        0-5   Bhead Yth Black  

9th October 2016 9V9 RESULTS

Div U12s Atlantic     

Manor Celtic 12s          2-3   Rakers 12s         

Greasby 12s                0-3   Glenavon Eagles 12s    

Peninsula Stars 12s      4-0   Wk Panthers 12s    

Greenleas 12s               v    Ashville Black 12s  GAME OFF


U12s Pacific Div    

Heswall Jnrs 12s           5-0    Young Lions 12s             

N/Ferry Rangers 12s     7-2    Ashville Red 12s            

Upton 12s                    2-4    Ac Hoylake 12s              

WW Panthers               1-4    Bhead Yth Black             

2nd October 2016 9V9 RESULTS



Glen Eagles      0-5    Glen Hawks          


U12s Atlantic Div


Wk Panthers 12s           0-0   Greenleas 12s              

Ashville Black 12s          4-4   Greasby 12s                  

Glenavon Eagles 12s     2-1   Manor Celtic                 

Rakers 12s                   1-0   Peninsula Stars 12s     


U12s Pacific Div


Ac Hoylake 12s             1-4    N/Ferry Rangers 12s    

Ashville Red 12s           0-5    Heswall Jnrs 12s         

Young Lions 12s           4-7    WW Panthers 12s          

Upton                          0-5    Bhead Yth Black           




25th September 2016 9V9 RESULTS


U12 Atlantic Div

Glenavon Eagles   0-1     Rakers                

Greasby               3-2     WK Panthers       

Greenleas             2-4    Peninsula Stars    

Manor Celtic          v   Ashville Black    Decision pending

U12 Pacific Div

Ashville Red    1-6   Young Lions            

Heswalll Jnrs   L-L    AC Hoylake   Match replayed   6-1               

Upton             1-6   WW Panthers        


18th September 2016 9V9 RESULTS


U12 Atlantic Div

Ashville Black     2-3   Glen Eagles  

Peninsula Stars   3-1   Greasby       

Rakers               4-1   Greenleas   

Manor Celtic       5-3   WK Panthers   

12 Pacific Div

AC Hoylake        4-0   Ashville Red 

WW Panthers     1-1   N/F Rangers  

Young Lions       4-2   Upton        


11th Sep 16 RESULTS




Ashville Black 12s          0-5      Rakers 12s                        


Glenavon Eagles 12s     7-2      Wk Panthers 12s    


Greasby 12s                    5-4     Greenleas 12s  


Peninsula Stars 12s       5-3     Manor Celtic 12s   






Young Lions 12s             6-2     AC Hoylake 12s             


Heswall Jnrs 12s            3-0    WW Panthers 12s    


N/Ferry Rangers 12s         5-0      Upton 12s             


*Ashville Red - NO GAME


4th September 2016 9V9 FIXTURES


Greenleas       v   Bhead Yth Black       

*NB Saints     v    Bhead Blue               

New Athletico L-L    Wirral Scorps            


Manor Rangers        v   Manor Storm             

Upton                     v   Ashville                     

Wallasey Wanderers v   Wirral Wasps  



Wk Panthers 12s           0-5    Ashville Black 12s             

Peninsula Stars 12s       4-3    Glen Eagles 12s      

Rakers 12s                      5-2    Greasby 12s          

  *(Fixture reversed)

Greenleas - NO GAME



WW Panthers 12s   5-0     Ashville Red 12s     

Young Lions 12s       1-6     N/Ferry Rangers 12s   

Cheshire FA
Wirral District FA
The FA