Wirral Pitches

Site  Postal Code
Acre Road, Meols  CH47 9SG 
Anglesey Road, West Kirby  CH48 6EQ
Arrowe Park  CH49 1SX
Ashton Park  CH48 4DH
Belvidere Road, Wallasey  CH45 4RY
Birkenhead Park  CH43 8SA
Borough Road  CH42 6QQ
Bromborough Recreation  CH62 7AJ
Central Park, Wallasey  CH44 8AA
Chester Road Playing Fields, Heswall  CH60 3SD
Conway Playing Fields, Rock Ferry  CH42 1QG
Coronation Park, Greasby  CH49 2PW
Devonshire Road, playing Field, West Kirby  CH48 7HR
Greenbank Road, West Kirby  CH48 6EQ
Green Lane, Eastham  CH62 OBH
Harrison Park, Wallasey  CH45 3HL
Higher Bebington Park  CH63 2PT 
Irby Cricket Club CH61 4XQ
Irby Recreation  CH61 4UE 
Kings Lane, Bebington  CH63 8LX
Leasowe Recreation Centre  CH46 1PF
Leasowe Road, Wallasey  CH46 2RH
Leverhulme Playing Fields  CH62 3QQ
Lingham Park, Moreton  CH46 6BW
Mayfields, New Ferry  CH62 1DF
Ness Village Hall  CH64 9RE
New Ferry Park  CH62 5AB
Newton Park West Kirby  CH48 8BJ
Oxton Road Wallasey  CH44 4EU
Pensby High School, Irby Road CH61 6XN
Plymyard, Bromborough/Eastham  CH62 8AU
Puddydale, Heswall  CH60 7SG 
Ridgewood Park, Pensby  CH61 5XB 
Ridgeway School, Noctorum CH43 9EB
Ryecroft Playing Fields, Wallasey  CH44 4BA
Sandringham Avenue, Hoylake  CH47 3BZ

School Lane, Wallasey 

Shafts Memorial Ground

CH45 8PP

CH42 8NU

Solly Rec, Woodchurch Road, Prenton CH43 0TT
The Delph, Wallasey  CH45 5DF
The Glen, Woodchurch Road, Prenton CH43
The Oval, Bebington  CH63 7LF
Thornton Hough  CH63 4JQ
Upton Park  CH46 OQL
Valley Road (Tennis Centre)  CH41 7ED
Victoria Park, Birkenhead  CH42 6PP 
Wallacre Park, Wallasey  CH44 2DY
Whitfield Common, Heswall  CH60 5SQ
Woodchurch Recreation CH49 8EU


Cheshire FA
Wirral District FA
The FA