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The League have agreed a partnership with Discount Football Kits. As part of this agreement EVERY team in the WJFL will receive a Match Ball and First Aid Kit. In order to distribute these at the next meeting on the 26th November ALL TEAM Managers will need to register with Discount Football Kits. If Club Secretaries/Managers would contact me on  “” I will forward the link to register. In order to receive the ball and first aid kit on Monday 26th all contact details must be with the company by Friday 23rd.


Important information for teams playing at the Delph. Managers should arrive 30 minutes before kick off in order to put up goals. These are stored in the container with the sides already made up, please do not take the sides apart when taking goals down. Last teams on take the goals down and put them in the container ready for use the following week. Every season we have teams who pull the goals apart even though the joints are taped across.

Additional car parking is available on Saturday at Liscard Primary School. Please use this facility. If you park on the roadway please park legally, do not block driveways and do not block entrances etc. Fines were issued by the Council last season for people parking on the pavement.

Please make sure you leave the pitch clear of rubbish after your game.

Player Registration Forms available on “League Downloads

The procedure to be followed for pitch inspections in case of poor weather are contained in the League Rule Book Para 10(B)(vi)

(vi) In the event of poor weather and the effect this may have on playing conditions the following procedures MUST be adhered to.

A request for a pitch inspection MUST be made to the Referees Secretary no later than the Saturday afternoon for the inspection of the pitch to be carried out on the following Sundaymorning.  In the case of Saturday fixtures the request must be made no later than Friday Afternoon. Once requested, the Referees Secretary will appoint a Panel Referee to assess the condition of the pitch and advise accordingly.  ONLY THE PANEL REFEREE shall have the power to decide, at that time, on the condition of the pitch and if it is suitable for the game to proceed.  Subsequently every effort will be made by the Management Committee to notify the Team Manager and/or Club Secretary of the decision to play, postpone or transfer the fixture to an alternative venue.

Failure to request a pitch inspection on or before the required deadline will require both teams to travel to the venue and await the decision of the Match referee or appointed Match Official. 

All coaches in Cheshire MUST have an ‘Accepted’ FA Criminal Records Check by 28 February 2017.

As part of a safeguarding compliance operation by The FA, as of midnight on Sunday 15 January every single team in Cheshire had a coach attached to them, averting the need for any clubs to be suspended. We now require all of those coaches to have an ‘Accepted’ FA Criminal Records Check (CRC) dated within the past three years.

Parking when using the Delph- DO NOT park in front of the black gates of the large white house near the school gates on Withens Lane. This entrance gets used and the owner of the house has complained that last week they could not get in or out. Anyone parking there runs the risk of getting a ticket because the owner will call the police.

This season referees fees were increased to:

Format 5v5  £10 (£5 per team)

Format  7 v 7  £14  ( £7 per team )

Format 9v9  £20 (10 per team)

Format  11 v 11  £22 ( £11 per team )

Could Club secretaries please send all mini soccer and boys registration forms to the League Secretary.