Mini Soccer Fixtures

  • Please confirm Ref by Wednesday. If no response from Ref please let Refs Sec know ASAP 07928047811 so he can sort you a Ref. If left until the last minute you run the risk of having no official for your game… Cheers
  • Those fixtured for first games MUST get to pitch half an hour before their game to set up goals, one per team, and to put up Respect Barriers which must be at least I metre from the touchline and NOT on any pitch. Spectators should be kept off all playing surfaces to protect the pitches. At Leasowe Rec’s new facility parents are not permitted within the cage. Only Managers/Coaches with lanyards are permitted to enter and only a maximum of two.
  • Those fixtured for the final games of the day should put away one goal each. Stored in the container in the correct place. All Respect Barriers need putting away.
  • Parking at the school is not available this week but if required will be arranged for the following week.