Mini Soccer Fixtures

  • Please confirm Ref by Wednesday. If no response from Ref please let the Mini Soccer Refs Sec (Stephen Buckley) know ASAP 07803543087 so he can sort you a Ref. If left until the last minute you run the risk of having no official for your game… Cheers
  • At Leasowe Rec’s new facility parents are not permitted within the cage. Only Managers/Coaches with lanyards are permitted to enter and only a maximum of two.

All games to be played on 4G at leasowe leisure centre. Government guidelines is 1 spectator per player. Best of luck everyone ⚽️⚽️  


Match Referee Fees payable;

5v5   £10   7v7   £16   9v9   £20   11v11  £26

5v5 20mins each way

7v7 20mins each way

Fixtures – Week 10 u7/u8 (matches 20 mins each way) 10th Jan

9am ko = Rakers white u7 vs Upton u7 (pitch 1) Connor Nelson

9am ko = P.A Rhinos u8 vs Vics Monaco u7 (pitch 2) Charlie Goulson

9am ko = Prescott u8 vs Vics Dortmund u8 (pitch 3) Callum Johnston

9am ko = Glenavon belles u8 vs Wallasey wanderers u8 (pitch 4) Jude Keith

950 ko = Rakers Red u7 vs Upton Rangers u7 (pitch 1) Connor Nelson

950 ko = P.A Sharks u8 vs Hoylake u8 (pitch 2) Charlie Goulson

950 ko = Liscard Panthers u7 vs Prescott u7 (pitch 3) Callum Johnston

950 ko = Upton u8 vs Vic colts whites u8 (pitch 4) Jude Keith

1040 ko = Rakers Blue u7 vs Vics Juve u8 (pitch 1) Finley Gaynor

1040 ko = Vics PSG u8 vs Nelson Cheetah u8 (pitch 2) Max Ewing

1130 ko = Vics Monaco u8 vs Rakers Rangers u8 (pitch 1) Euan Keelan

1130 ko = Nelson Crocs u8 vs P.A Hawks u8 (pitch 2) Tyson Killbride

1220 ko = Nelson select u8 vs Phoenix fire u8 (pitch 2) Tyson Killbride

WEEK 10 U9/U10 10th Jan

9am ko = Glenavon Eagles u10 vs Stansfield u10 (pitch 5/6) Finley Gaynor

950 ko = Vauxhall’s novas vs Manor Raiders (pitch 5/6) Finley Gaynor

1040 ko = Manor titans u9 vs Cheshire vikings u9 (pitch 5/6) Dillon Buckley

1130 ko = Rakers blue u9 vs New ferry u9 (pitch 5/6) Dillon Buckley

1220 ko = Rakers Blue u8 vs Overchurch u9 (pitch 5/6) Dillon Buckley

1040 ko = Cheshire Viking u10 vs Upton u10s (pitch 3/4) Euan Keelan

1130 ko = Lairds orange vs Prescott u10 (pitch 3/4) Ellis Parry

1220 ko = Lairds blue V Prescott u9 (pitch 3/4) Ellis Parry

**Aston park u10, neston kbf u8 and neston u9 are all unavailable this week due to goverment restrictions