Mini Soccer Fixtures

  • Please confirm Ref by Wednesday. If no response from Ref please let Refs Sec know ASAP 07928047811 so he can sort you a Ref. If left until the last minute you run the risk of having no official for your game… Cheers
  • Those fixtured for first games MUST get to pitch half an hour before their game to set up goals, one per team, and to put up Respect Barriers which must be at least I metre from the touchline and NOT on any pitch. Spectators should be kept off all playing surfaces to protect the pitches.
  • Those fixtured for final games should put away one goal each. Stored in the container in the correct place. All Respect Barriers need putting away.
  • Parking at the school is not available this week but if required will be arranged for the following week.
*We have more Refs than games at the moment but more teams are due to join the League soon. I will try and be fair with the allocations ensuring everyone gets a chance. If I repeatedly miss YOU as a Ref please tell me as its not personal I promise. Try also looking on Wirral Referees on Facebook for Sat morning appointments and contact Rob McGlynn 07909506460 for the girls League also on Saturday mornings guys. Thanks Wayne

** Please note any teams wishing to play with more than the set numbers ie 7v7 and wanting 8v8 etc must not be allowed to do so.

*** New U7s/U8s Fixtures Secretary Joe Davies 07594594643 ***
*****The League have been informed that coaching staff at a club in the WJFL may have the corona virus and have been ordered by their doctors to self isolate. In the circumstances and for the protection of our member clubs and players the WJFL has decided to postpone all fixtures until the 4th April when the situation will be reviewed. We hope everybody understands and supports this decision. ALL@WJFL*****

Sunday 15th March – Games at Guinea Gap

Rakers Red u7 v Wallasey Village 9am KO Jack Starr

Manor Raiders v Rakers Blue 9am KO Tom Anders

Rakers Black v Manor Titans 9.45am KO Tom Anders

Vicky Colts v PV Monaco 9.45am KO Luke Armitage

Poulton Athletic v PV Juventus10.30am KO Luke Armitage

Rakers White v Cheshire Vikings 10.30am KO Charlie Gouldson

Rakers Red v Overchurch 11.15am KO Tyson Kilbride

FREE WEEK – Cheshire Vikings

Sunday 22nd March

Manor Raiders v Wallasey Village 9am KO

Rakers Red u7’s v PV Monaco 9am KO

Rakers White v PV Juventus 9.45am KO

Manor Titans v Poulton Athletic 9.45am KO

Rakers Blue v Overchurch 10.30am KO

Glenavon Hawks v Vicky Colts 10.30am KO

Rakers Red u8 v Cheshire Vikings 11.15am KO

FREE WEEK – Rakers Black u7

NelsonWJFL U9/10
Games to be played at the Bidston Astro

Aston pumas U9s Vs Rakers U9s 9am   Connor Sandham

Vikings U9s Vs Lairds Blues U9s 9am Alex Sandham

Manor U10s Vs Lairds Oranges 10am Dillon Buckley

Glenavon U9 Vs Stansfield U9s 10am Carl Mullen

Vikings U10s Vs Rakers U10s 11am Finley Gaynor

Games to Be played at the Delph

Aston pumas U9s Vs Lairds Blues U9s 9am Dillon Buckley
Lairds Oranges Vs Rakers U9s 10am Ellis Parry
Stansfield Vs Vikings U9s 9am Euan Keelan
Vikings U10s Vs Manor U10s 10am Carl Mullen
Rakers U10s Vs Glenavon U9s 11am Finley Gaynor

Games to be played at the Delph

Lairds Blue Vs Lairds Orange 9am Ellis Parry
Aston pumas Vs Stansfield U9s 10am Carl Mullen
Rakers U9s Vs Vikings U10s 10am Dillon Buckley
Vikings U9s Vs Glenavon U9s 9am Alex Sandham
Manor U10s Vs Rakers U10s 11am Finley Gaynor