Mini Soccer Fixtures

  • Please confirm Ref by Wednesday. If no response from Ref please let the Mini Soccer Refs Sec (Stephen Buckley) know ASAP 07803543087 so he can sort you a Ref. If left until the last minute you run the risk of having no official for your game… Cheers
  • At Leasowe Rec’s new facility parents are not permitted within the cage. Only Managers/Coaches with lanyards are permitted to enter and only a maximum of two.

  • ***Please note that any abuse towards match officials will not be tolerated***

All games to be played on 4G at leasowe leisure centre. Government guidelines is 1 spectator per player. Best of luck everyone ⚽️⚽️  


Match Referee Fees payable;

5v5   £10   7v7   £16   9v9   £20 11v11  £28

5v5 20mins each way

7v7 20mins each way 

WEEk (30) SUNDAY 8th May

U7/U8 (5v5) (league)

9 am ko Rakers rovers u7 vs lairds (2) u7 (p1) Ellis Parry

9am ko Rakers rangers u7 vs manor u7 (p2) Matthew Sutton

950 ko new ferry u8 vs lairds u7 t1) (p1) Ellis Parry

950 ko Upton rangers vs liscard u8 (p2) Matthew Sutton

1040 ko rakers orange vs vic colts u7 (p1) Aidan Chwalko

1040 ko rakers purple vs e.port u7 (p2) Ellis Parry

1130 ko monaco u8 vs hoylake u8 (p1) Aiaan Chwalko

1130 ko rakers reds u8 Upton u8 (p2) V Euan Keelan

9 ko = (grass pitch) rakers pinks vs glenavon u7 Emily Williams

950 ko = (grass pitch) Rakers green vs TBC Emily Williams

Free week request =

U9/U10 (7V7)

9 ko = vic colts u9 vs p.sharks u9 (p3) Lincoln Breadner

9 am ko = beb girls u9 vs hoylake galaxy u9 (p6) Che Longworth

950 ko lairds u10 vs new ferry white u10 (p3) Lincoln Breadner

950 ko (friendly game) rakers white u8 vs Pa rhinos u9 (p6) Che Longworth

1040 ko manor titans u10 vs vics athletico u10 (p3) Tyson Killbride

1040 ko Rakers u10 vs Neston u10 (p6) Ben Stewart

1130 ko Rakers blue u8 vs Phoenix fire u9 (p3) Tyson Killbride

1130 = Cheshire Vikings u10 vs new ferry claret u10 (p6) Ben Stewart

1-10 ko = oldershaw u10 vs manor raiders u10 (p1) Max ewing

1220 = vics u10 vs Nelson cavs u9 (p3) Max Ewing

1220 ko =rakers rangers u9 vs Nelson cheetah u9 (p6) Euan Keelan

110 ko = Vauxhall nova u9 vs hoylake Apollo u9 (p1) Tyson Killbride

1220 ko = Wallasey w u9 vs Upton u9 (p3) Tyson Kilbride

1:10 ko Nelson crocs u9 vs vics monaco u9 (p6) Euan Keelan

1040 ko = (grass pitch) overchurch u10 vs Dortmund u9 Finley Gaynor

1130 ko = (grass pitch) Psg u9 vs Psg u10 Finley Gaynor

1220 ko = (grass pitch)beb rangers u9 vs Pa hawks u9 Charlie Zost Hughes

1:10 ko = (grass pitch) Nelson villa u9 vs manor Steelers u9 Charlie Zost Hughes

FREE WEEK requests = glen belles u9, rakers blue u9